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Propane Tanks Installations

If you need a new propane tank for your home, we’ve got you covered.

Frank Lamparelli carries a wide range of tank sizes to suit the needs of your Massachusetts home or business—from smaller tanks that provide fuel for multiple appliances to tanks with the capacity to heat a large home or a commercial complex.

Our team of tank experts can assess your requirements and help you choose the tank size that’s right for you.

Propane tank sizes and applications:

Since propane is used in so many different ways, propane tanks come in a wide range of sizes.

Here is an overview:

  • 20-, 30-, 40- or 100-pound cylinders
    This tank style is generally used for gas grills, portable heaters, cooking stoves, RVs and other uses.*
  • 60-gallon tanks
    These are used for fueling cooktops.
  • 120-gallon tanks
    These tanks typically store fuel for people who use a significant amount of propane, but not for home heating. They may use it for stoves, clothes dryers, water heaters, space heaters or fireplaces. A 120-gallon tank is the ideal size for a household that uses about 50 gallons of fuel per month.
  • 320- to 500-gallon tanks
    These tanks store large amounts of propane for customers who use propane for heating. They are designed for households using 100-200 gallons a month.
  • 1,000-gallon tanks
    These tanks are used for large residential estates or commercial and industrial applications.

*One gallon of liquid propane weighs about 4.25 lbs.

Get propane cylinders refilled in Canton!

Come fill your grill tank!

Need a full propane cylinder for your cookout? We operate a 1,000-gallon propane refilling station during normal business hours at our facility (1026 Turnpike St., Canton).

We offer propane tank services for your local commercial business.

Frank Lamparelli provides propane gas service for a wide range of commercial consumers. We will design a fuel-storage system to safely and economically meet each customer’s unique needs.

Our professional team of design-and-installation experts can help assess units, calculate heat losses, interface with subcontractors, handle the installation, replenish the fuel supply and maintain and service the equipment as required.

Learn more about propane tanks and propane tank installation. Contact the propane tank experts at Frank Lamparelli today.