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Payment Programs

Our payment plan makes your winter fuel payments easier!


While nobody can predict winter weather in Massachusetts, you can count on the Frank Lamparelli budget plan to help keep your energy costs steady and predictable.

With this plan, you can spread out your annual energy expenses into equal monthly payments. It’s a great way to manage your household budget because you pay a level amount each month, eliminating big fuel payments in winter. If you have a service plan, we’ll roll the cost into the monthly budget plan for even more convenience.

How does the monthly payment plan work?

We project your fuel bills for the coming year based on your past energy use, projected heating fuel prices and a 30-year average weather estimate. We then divide that total into equal monthly payments for one year.

bar chart

Every June, we will balance your account. If you used more fuel than you paid for, your June bill will include the balance due. If you used less fuel than you paid for, we will apply that to the next budget program year.

We monitor energy pricing and seasonality throughout the year and make adjustments as necessary, usually during the midpoint of winter. Budget is subjective to change due to extreme weather and/or price surge.

It pays to have a plan!

  • Enrollment is FREE
  • Equal monthly payments
  • Fits any lifestyle
  • Easier on your household budget
  • Provides peace of mind

Make your payments even easier by enrolling in auto pay.

Our auto pay option makes monthly bill paying even easier. Your account is billed directly to your credit card, eliminating the stress of late payments. You can set up auto pay with or without a budget plan.

Contact us for details about our budget plan or to sign up for auto pay today.

As an added bonus—budget customers who switch to paperless statements (you’ll receive monthly emails) AND Auto Pay get a $25 account credit. Contact us for details!