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Bioheat® Delivery

Local Bioheat® fuel delivery to Canton, Stoughton, Easton—plus the entire South Shore corridor!

At Frank Lamparelli, we make thousands of fuel deliveries every year to satisfied customers in Canton, Stoughton, Sharon and throughout the South Shore corridor of Massachusetts.

With convenient options like automatic delivery, monthly payment plans and service plan programs, we can ease the burden of staying warm through our long New England winters.

Every gallon of oil we deliver is Bioheat®—a blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil that contains up to 20% biofuel. This is a refined fuel made from renewable natural sources.

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Bioheat®—the ultimate clean fuel choice for home heating!

It’s the cleanest fuel on the market! Renewable, energy-efficient, clean-burning and cutting-edge, our blended heating oil brings virtually no negative impact to the environment. In fact, it produces near-zero levels of particulate matter during the combustion process. The future of our planet lives with these breakthrough fuels, and they’re important both to us, and the state of Massachusetts. It’s a key factor in trying to achieve the ambitious goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

To date, the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) has reported that greenhouse gas emissions of 2% biofuel blends were equivalent to those of natural gas. Higher blends, such as the 20% that all Frank Lamparelli deliveries consist of, produce lower greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas!

Not only does our Bioheat® help the environment, it’s easier on your home heating equipment! This is due to the fact it leaves next to no deposits on heat exchangers as it’s burned. That means your furnace or boiler will have a longer lifespan, with fewer repairs, while running at higher efficiency. No need for equipment refits, and no expensive replacements needed. You’ll save money with Bioheat® while still getting fast, even heating that only heating oil provides.

And, when compared with No. 2 heating oil, Bioheat® has 80 percent less sulfur dioxide, up to 30 percent less nitrogen dioxide, and 20 percent less carbon dioxide. It simply cannot be beat!

Get automatic and affordable home Bioheat® delivery.

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To learn more about fuel delivery, service, fuel pricing and bioheat, please contact Frank Lamparelli today!

We use a sophisticated monitoring system to track your fuel usage and accurately predict your fuel needs based on weather patterns. This allows us to schedule a fuel delivery based solely on when you need it.

If you are a new customer, a company representative will visit your home. From there, we’ll determine your estimated usages based on the size of your home and what your oil is used for. Our computer systems can then predict your next delivery based on how much you’re burning in-between each delivery.

We offer oil tank services and installations.

Today’s aboveground fuel tanks are marvels of engineering and include a range of safety features. Options include tanks with double-walled construction. Of course, many older fuel tanks are still in service. If you want to replace your old aboveground or underground heating oil tank, contact us. We are the tank experts!

Our programs to help to make bill pay easy.

For the convenience of our customers, we have designed a payment program to take away your worries about winter fuel bills. Read more here!