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COVID-19 Service Update

Updated 6-4-2020

We, here at Frank Lamparelli have been working hard to create and implement procedures which comply with the new guidelines sent forth by Governor Baker.

Since our last update we have acquired more PPE to keep you and our technicians better protected when they enter your home. They have been equipped with a disinfectant solution, hand sanitizer, and other forms of PPE in their vans. We rolled out new operating procedures for when our service team responds to your calls. Our entire service department participated in a productive outdoor social distance meeting. They were educated in what we as a company expect from them to keep everyone safe, but also what they can expect from us. This gave our staff an opportunity to ask any questions they may have had or bring up any concerns they have been worrying about. All in all, if Best Practices are being used you and our technicians are at a very low risk of contracting the virus.

Our office staff has been working diligently every day as well. Since we are returning to an almost fully staffed office new procedures have been implemented. Our office space was already designed so they have plenty of room. Because of this, we did not need to move any furniture around. Instead we have taped around desks and common spaces as a reminder for our employees to maintain a 6-foot social distance. Keeping workstations sanitized is a breeze as well. A little over a year ago we moved on from the huge clunky desks to a more ergonomic system with desks that can rise for standing and perch chairs for whoever wanted them. Our Customer Service representatives are working hard to keep the office disinfected. At least twice a day they are disinfecting common and high-touch areas around the office to keep our building sanitized.

The equipment engineer at Frank Lamparelli has also been equipped with PPE. During this pandemic he had to adjust the way he evaluates homes and workplaces for new equipment. If you need new equipment, would like to upgrade your system, or add an A/C to your home give us a call! Our engineer will work with you to determine the best way to see your space and provide you with an estimate in the safest way possible.

While the state of Massachusetts is slowly reopening, Frank Lamparelli is opening more as well! You will remember that we temporarily suspended non-essential services during the beginning of the pandemic. We have started calling all our customers on our list for heating system tune-ups, but feel free to give us a call to schedule yours if you were due over the past few months. Our service department is now scheduling A/C tune-ups as well!

I am sure you have seen the hashtag #InThisTogether floating around social media along with #SocialDistancing and #COVID19. We are all in this together. This is true not only in our personal lives to help combat this virus, but it is also important to us at Frank Lamparelli. We value all our customers and employees, which is why we want to make sure we are doing all we can as a company to keep you, your family, and our staff safe.

A couple things to remember, our office is still closed to the public so please call us if you have any questions, don’t forget you can make payments through the “my account” tab on our website, and if want to reduce the amount of paper mail you get switch to paperless billing! Our propane kiosk is still available for propane exchanges and tank purchases, but if you come during normal businesses hours, we can refill your tank for you and call the office to pay over the phone. Lastly, if you not already, find us on Facebook! Give us a Like and Follow so you never miss important information shared by Frank Lamparelli.

Updated 4-9-2020

Automatic Delivery Customers: Most of you are using more fuel than usual now because more people are home during the day. It is important to keep us in the loop if anything in your lifestyle changes that might affect how much fuel you’re using; this goes for both now, during the COVID-19 situation, and beyond. For example, if you, or others, are working from home for an indefinite period of time, you’re arriving early to a summer home we service, or have built an addition to your home without changing your home heating system, you will naturally use more fuel – or, inversely, if a person has moved out of your house (a college graduate or elder, for example), you might use less. Either way, let us know so we can keep your delivery schedule as accurate as possible.

Be sure to give us a call, or contact us to let us know of these or any other changes that could impact your fuel usage.

Thank you!

Updated 4-1-2020

Frank Lamparelli is here to support you during this unsettling time. It is our priority to ensure that our services continue to operate reliably with several important changes you need to know:

Our Office Is Currently Closed to The Public

Due to the coronavirus, we will not be accepting visitors in our office. We are still available by phone during normal business hours at (781) 828-2477.

Payments Can Be Made Via Your Online Account

We are also still accepting checks by mail or in the dropbox by our front door. If you would like to call in a payment, please do so during business hours. This is also a great time to get comfortable with our paperless billing and payment options. You can set yourself up for paperless billing now by either self-enrolling on your online account or calling our office.

It’s Important to Stay Connected!

You can stay informed on the latest Frank Lamparelli services and activities by liking us on Facebook. It’s also important to reach out to us and update your contact information if anything has changed. Make sure we have your email on file, so you don’t miss out on important communications.

Service Schedule Changes

At this time, we are not scheduling Tune-Up appointments. To avoid non-essential trips into your home we have canceled all Tune-Up appointments until further notice. Don’t worry, if you had a Tune-Up scheduled with us, we will give you a call when its safe to schedule again.

Propane Refills

Right now, we are only taking credit card payments for propane refills. If you didn’t know we have a propane refill station here at our office. When you come to have your tank filled just ring the bell on the fence and someone will be out to help you. Since we are not currently accepting cash or inviting people into our office, we ask that you give us a call at (781) 828-2477 to pay for your propane over the phone.

Operational Changes

We would also like to let you know what we have been doing here at Frank Lamparelli to not only keep our employees safe, but also you at home if we need to visit for any emergency service.

As previously mentioned, our office is closed to the public. This means that no one other than essential staff is entering our building. We have even been restricting the number of people in the office at any given time. Our customer service team is on an alternating schedule to reduce interaction. We have also placed our technicians on a rotating schedule for the same reason. To limit our staff’s exposure, we are not admitting anyone into the building, this also includes our vendors. Again, we are doing this because if it keeps us safe then it is keeping you safe as well.

We have reinforced to our staff and continue to reinforce why these preventative measures are so important. Also reminding them why they need to maintain at least a 6-foot distance between coworkers or customers, but also educating them why it’s important to continue social distancing when they are off the clock.

The staff here at Frank Lamparelli is also screening each service call before we send over a technician. We have been asking customers if there is anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or if they have been quarantined. Also, if they have been exposed to anyone tested positive for COVID-19. Our technicians are also happy to make alternative arrangements for entering your home. If you have a bulkhead or a basement door you would like to unlock before we get there, that’s fantastic! Even though we love seeing and interacting with our customers, it’s best to limit that contact as much as possible right now.

Updated 3-18-2020

COVID-19 is disrupting our lives in many ways. We have been closely following the guidance given by the CDC and by state and federal authorities. Our highest priority is the health and safety of our customers and our employees. 

What we are doing for your benefit

  • We have told our employees not to come to work if they feel sick or if anyone in their household has a fever.
  • We’ve instructed all of our technicians and drivers to take extra precautions when coming into contact with customers in their homes or businesses. They have also been told to keep a safe distance from customers. We want to err on the side of caution, even if it feels awkward at times (like no handshakes).

What you can do for our employees

  • If you have a service call scheduled and someone in your home is sick, please alert us. This also applies if you have come in close contact recently with someone who has tested positive. We can easily reschedule your call.
  • Keep a safe distance away (six to eight feet) after letting one of our people into your home. We know this will feel awkward, but it is the recommended strategy for mitigating the spread of the virus. You can also arrange to leave a key in the event that you do not want to be at home. If you have a separate entrance to your basement, we can use that.
  • If you normally come by the office to pay your bill in person, we ask that you refrain. We can make it easy by setting up an automatic credit card payment if you’d like. This would also be a great time, if you haven’t already, to create an online account. If you go to and click “My Account” you can set up an account to make your payments online, see your transaction history, and more! We also have an app available in both the Apple store and Google Play.

Make sure we have your cell phone number and email address so that we have multiple ways to contact you in case we urgently need to reach you. This is a fluid situation, and we are in uncharted waters. We will update this page if the situation warrants it.

Important website pages for you to access us online:

We look forward to the time when all this will be unnecessary. Until then, be safe.

Your Team at Frank Lamparelli