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Diesel Fuel Delivery

Frank Lamparelli offers delivery and on-site fleet fueling in Canton, Stoughton, and throughout the South Shore region.

Do you have on-road vehicles that use diesel fuel? We are pioneers in fleet-to-fleet fueling and deliver on-road diesel fuel throughout the year to the construction industry, trucking companies and many other businesses and municipalities with a fleet of vehicles.

Our on-site fueling and bulk delivery service saves you time and money, compared with what you would spend dispatching your trucks to an off-site gas station for fill-ups. We also offer skid tanks for lease or purchase.

Why not fuel your fleet for less with Frank Lamparelli’s wide variety of diesel options? Our convenient on-site delivery keeps your team productive. We offer:

  • On-site fueling for diesel vehicles as well as bulk fuel storage tanks—we can supply a tank for you!
  • Enhanced premium diesel fuel, including custom-blended diesel fuel available during winter months.
  • On-site refueling and storage tank refills of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).
  • Informative fueling reports and receipts.

Enjoy 3 great benefits of our on-site fleet refueling service:

  1. You can start each day with full tanks for all your diesel vehicles. We specialize in deliveries during your downtime and at night, so your fleet is ready to go at the beginning of each day.
  2. Our service will eliminate costly, time-consuming fueling stops. Getting on-site fueling directly from our tank trucks keeps you productive.
  3. You’ll receive reliable deliveries for your bulk diesel tanks. We can customize a delivery schedule to meet the requirements of your aboveground or underground tank.

We provide off-road diesel fuel supply, too.

If you operate a construction company or other business that uses diesel-powered equipment, talk with us. You’ll enjoy the extra convenience of having your fuel delivered to your place of business. We have been delivering off-road diesel fuel to construction companies, manufacturers, and owners of diesel-powered generators for many years.

And keep this in mind: If you currently buy on-road diesel from a gas station for your off-road equipment, you are paying unnecessary taxes. With the ultra-low-sulfur dyed diesel that we deliver, there is no federal excise tax.

Take advantage of our available wireless tank monitoring service!

We also offer on-site fuel storage at your job site. To make your job easier, we can supply you with tank monitors that allow you to track your fuel usage online.

Are you looking for high-quality diesel fuel for your job site or interested in bulk fuel for your construction site? Want to know more about doing business with a company that can fulfill all your on-road and off-road diesel fuel requirements? Contact us today and compare our price with what you are paying now.

Our fuel management expertise takes the stress and guesswork out of your commercial fuel deliveries!

Contact Frank Lamparelli today to learn more about our diesel fuel services for commercial customers in Canton, Stoughton, Sharon and Easton and throughout the South Shore.