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If you are experiencing difficulties with managing higher fuel prices, click this link here to find a community assistance program provider that can help.

What Can I Do to Ease My Winter Fuel Bills?

December 6, 2021

Frank Lamparelli Offers Many Solutions to Better Assist You! It’s been a tough fall season as far as prices go. From gas for the car to groceries, our wallets have felt the crunch and the ripple effects of supply chain disruptions in more ways than one. And as the winter season quickly approaches the South […]

New Bioheat® Mandates Create a Big Step Forward

November 22, 2021

Utilize a Cleaner, Greener Fuel for Whole Home Heating Bioheat® is getting support from states all over the Northeast as state governments see the environmental, economic, and consumer benefits to a cleaner-burning home heating fuel. What’s better? You can enjoy those benefits when you get your Bioheat delivered by Frank Lamparelli! What are the Bioheat […]

Winterizing Your Home When You’re Away 

November 15, 2021

Make Sure Your Home Stays Safe All Season Long! There are lots of snowbirds here on the South Shore who spend their winters in warmer places. If you’re joining the flock—or just getting some time away for the holidays visiting friends or relatives—you need to do a few things besides packing to keep your home […]

Understanding the Efficiency Rating of Your Heater

November 8, 2021

Know What Gets You the Most Bang for Your Energy Buck! If you aren’t sure if your home’s heating system will last through another cold winter season, or, you’ve already been toying with the idea of replacing the furnace or boiler in your South Shore home, now is actually a great time to do it. […]

Prepare Your Home For the Coming Winter Season

October 18, 2021

Learn How to Save on Heating Costs Without Sacrificing Comfort! Once Halloween has come and gone, the holiday season is undoubtedly in full swing—which means some of us will have more planning, shopping, and organizing to do than at any other point in the calendar year. That is why now is the optimal time to make […]

Buying an Electric-heated Home? What You Should Know

October 11, 2021

Learning About the Fuels That Power Your South Shore Residence Buying a home is not a small investment. In fact, it’s arguably one of the biggest investments and choices you’ll ever make. That’s why it of absolute importance for homebuyers both new and old to carefully consider all aspects of the property before deciding. The […]

Should You Upgrade to a High-efficiency Water Heater?

October 4, 2021

Don’t Let Another Winter Go By Without Getting Hot Water On-Demand! With colder weather soon coming, your home’s furnace or boiler will be back to its hard work of keeping your home warm and comfortable here on the South Shore. But there is yet another piece of your equipment that will also have an even […]

Increase Your Energy Efficiency With Propane

September 20, 2021

Save money—without sacrificing comfort. When you have propane powering your home—or supplemental appliances within it—you have a wonderfully versatile fuel that can provide warm, cozy comfort, dry your clothes, cook your dinner, heat your water, and so more. But that’s only the beginning of what propane can do. It can offer outstanding energy efficiency that […]

How Much Propane Might I Use In One Day?

September 13, 2021

Get familiar with just how much propane you might be using! You and your South Shore neighbor may have similar-sized homes. However, they may use far more propane than you, or vice-versa. That’s because propane usage simply isn’t one-size-fits-all. A lot of factors go into determining your propane usage. If you want to know how […]

Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Heating Problems Before Winter

September 6, 2021

Don’t get left in the cold! With the fall season right around the corner, we’re getting back to sweater weather here on the South Shore. That means crisp air, beautiful fall foliage, and apple cider. It also means we’ll be turning on our furnaces and boilers in the next few weeks—if we haven’t had to […]