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Auto Delivery Means Avoiding A Run-out

December 2, 2019

Frank Lamparelli will keep your home warm and comfortable We’re just about done with the Thanksgiving leftovers, and now we’re in the December holiday rush. That adds a lot of tasks to your already full to-do list. All of those things you have to do this time of year can push scheduling a delivery of […]

Forced-Air Heat Vs. Radiant Heat: The Difference

November 18, 2019

The professionals at Frank Lamparelli can do both! If you’re building a new home, or are renovating and planning to install a new heating system in your South Shore, Massachusetts home, you have some choices to make. Two popular home heating options are forced-air heat and radiant heat. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so this […]

Troubleshooting Furnace Air Flow Problems

November 4, 2019

The professionals at Frank Lamparelli are ready to help! Is your furnace not keeping your South Shore home warm as it should? If you aren’t getting the heat you should be getting from your furnace, it may be a problem with the air flow in your heating system. You can do some detective work and […]

Winter Heating System Maintenance Checklist

October 28, 2019

Don’t get caught in the cold! Fall is a great time. And not just for football, trick-or-treating and apple cider donuts. This is also the perfect time to prepare your South Shore home for the coming winter. Especially because the winter forecast for New England calls for a stormy season ahead! We’re making it a […]

New To Greater Boston? Here’s Why You Should Choose Frank Lamparelli

October 21, 2019

Frank Lamparelli is your reliable fuel services provider! Have you just moved to greater Boston? Welcome! Whether you are looking for heating oil or propane (or maybe both!) for your new home in greater Boston and along the South Shore, Frank Lamparelli has the experience, staff and products that you can trust. Here’s how we […]

Annoying furnace noises

Annoying Furnace Noises And What They Mean

October 15, 2019

What’s that sound? So many horror movies kick off the action with a strange noise coming from the basement. While Michael Myers or Freddie Kruger may not be down there, the noises coming from your furnace can sound pretty scary, and they are something you should pay attention to. Some effort now can avoid more […]

Help protect the environment

Oil Vs. Natural Gas For Home Heating

October 7, 2019

Help Protect the Environment with Bioheat When it comes to whether heating oil or natural gas is right for the environment as well as your Massachusetts home, look no further than Bioheat from Frank Lamparelli. We are proud to offer you the cleanest fuel available, and are glad to show you why Bioheat is better […]

Home Heating Efficiency Tips For The Fall Season

September 23, 2019

From apple cider doughnuts and pumpkin spice lattes to the too-early holiday displays in the stores, it’s undeniable. Fall is right around the corner! That means it’s just about that time when you’ll have to be turning on the heat in your South Shore area home. If you take some steps to help your home […]

What Is Bioheat? A Home Heating Q&A

September 16, 2019

If you have an oil heating system in your Massachusetts home and get your heating oil from Frank Lamparelli, then guess what? You’re using Bioheat! And honestly, that’s great! Not just for you, but your home’s heating system, your wallet, and the environment, too! If you’re not familiar with Bioheat, we’ve got answers to some […]

Propane Safety Tips When Thunderstorms Occur

September 9, 2019

Know what to do to protect your home and family While summer is beautiful here in New England, we can also deal with some wicked thunderstorms. And that wild weather can still happen into the fall. That’s why the propane professionals at Frank Lamparelli want you, our neighbors and customers, to know the importance of […]