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What Can You Use Propane For?

Propane appliances improve your quality of life — indoors and out!

propane Taunton, MA If you are looking for a versatile home energy source, look no further than propane. At Frank Lamparelli, we consult with homeowners in Taunton and throughout the South Shore about getting the most from this clean, adaptable, American-made fuel. If you’re wondering what propane can do in your household, the more pertinent question might be: What can’t propane do?

Let’s break down some of propane’s most appealing uses in Massachusetts homes.

Efficient Home Heating with Propane

One of the most popular uses of propane is home heating. Today’s propane boilers and furnaces boast fuel efficiency ratings as high as 98.5%. That means you lose almost no heat energy out of your chimney or flue.

And propane generates a LOT of heat: 91,452 British thermal units per gallon, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. No wonder propane furnaces can deliver air heated to 115-125° F, even during an icy New England winter.

Dependable Hot Water Generation

Are you looking for a water heater that can deliver plentiful hot water for showers, dishwashing and laundry? Propane water heaters fit the bill. A traditional storage tank propane unit, when new and properly sized, can generate hot water roughly twice as fast as a comparable electric product.

For even better efficiency, you can go with a tankless propane water heater. These state-of-the-art products deliver unlimited hot water on demand using a super-hot gas flame. With a tankless propane water heater, you won’t need to worry about a shower going cold when the dishwasher is running.

Amazing Propane Home Appliances

The same propane tank that powers your home’s heating and hot water equipment can fuel a variety of other premium home appliances, including:

  • Propane ranges and ovens that safely deliver a professional-quality cooking experience while emitting no methane and virtually no particulate matter.
  • Propane clothes dryers that offer shorter cycles, fewer wrinkles and less static cling.
  • Propane fireplace inserts and gas logs that provide a stunning, realistic fire without the labor, clean-up or safety risks of a wood blaze.
  • Safe and effective space heating for hard-to-reach parts of your house.

Reliable Backup Power

If you depend on electricity for at-home medical and mobility equipment, you can’t afford to lose power for long. An extended grid outage also means you lose access to refrigeration, HVAC equipment, security systems and communications devices.

Luckily, you can have reliable standby power with a propane generator. These systems connect directly to your propane tank, switch on automatically when grid electricity fails, and can power a whole home or select products and outlets. Plus, propane has an unlimited shelf life. You can be confident your generator will come on when you need it to.

Premium Outdoor Amenities

With temperatures warming up, we’ll be spending more time outdoors with friends and family. Outdoor living products powered by propane can transform your gatherings. Your on-site propane tank can supply fuel for:

  • Grills and outdoor kitchens
  • Firepits, fire tables and outdoor fireplaces
  • Pool and spa heaters
  • Patio heaters
  • Gas-powered lighting

Do you need a propane delivery partner who will always be there to ensure your gas-fired appliances have the fuel they need? Become a Frank Lamparelli customer.