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Is Heating Oil Still A Good Way to Heat A Home?

Our Bioheat® fuel is clean, green, safe and efficient.

heating oil Needham, MA Heating oil has been keeping South Shore homes comfortable for over a century. That’s a long time for a single heating fuel to be serving Massachusetts families, but just because heating oil has been around for a while doesn’t mean it’s old-fashioned. Indeed, the fuel that Frank Lamparelli delivers in Needham and throughout our service area is one of the most efficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective heating options around today.

Here are four reasons why heating oil is still an excellent energy source for your household.

1. Fantastic Heat Generation

Heating oil surpasses other home energy sources when it comes to generating heat. Traditionally, heating energy is quantified in British thermal units (Btu), with each Btu representing the heat needed to increase the temperature of one pound of liquid water by one degree. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, a single gallon of heating oil can produce about 138,500 Btu! How do alternative energy sources measure up? To match this output, you’d need approximately 134 cubic feet of natural gas or 41 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

2. More Eco-Friendly Than Ever Before

Heating oil is also cleaner and greener than ever. The days of soot and black smoke are long gone. Frank Lamparelli proudly delivers Bioheat Plus® fuel, a blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and organic biodiesel made from renewable feedstocks like plant oils, animal fat, used cooking oil and even algae. The use of our heating oil reduces carbon dioxide, particulate matter, sulfur oxide and mercury emissions. It emits fewer greenhouse gasses than natural gas.

Bioheat fuel is also better for your heating equipment because it lowers wear and tear with cleaner-burning performance. This can significantly reduce your maintenance costs.

2. Super-Efficient Equipment

Today’s oil-fired boilers and furnaces have fuel efficiencies in the 90 percent range. That means you enjoy a lot more comfort for your energy dollar, with very little fuel wasted. Consequently, your household gets robust heat in frigid conditions, and you’ll also need fewer heating oil deliveries. Today’s oil-heated homes use about 500 fewer gallons of heating oil annually than homes in the 1970s!

Want even more cost savings with oilheat? Pairing an indirect-fired water heater with a high-efficiency oil-fired boiler will give you some of the lowest-cost hot water possible.

4. Safe For Your Home

Heating oil is one of the safest ways that you can power your home heating equipment. Unlike natural gas, heating oil doesn’t present an explosion risk in its liquid form. If you were to drop a lit match into a bucket of heating oil, it would extinguish immediately. To make this fuel combust, your heating system’s burner must vaporize it at temperatures above 140°.

Additionally, there’s also a low risk of carbon monoxide poisoning with modern heating oil equipment. If your system detects an issue, these systems typically have safety mechanisms to shut the equipment down and alert you.

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