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How Often Should Your HVAC Equipment Be Serviced?

Ensure heating and cooling efficiency with a yearly tune-up.

hvac service Franklin, MA Would you drive a car all year without changing the oil or taking it to a mechanic for a tune-up? That wouldn’t make much sense. You could end up sitting on the side of the road with a broken-down vehicle. At a minimum, you’d wind up with much worse gas mileage from your engine.

The same is true of your home’s HVAC equipment. Going a whole year without professional service will leave you paying more for your home comfort — plus risking a breakdown and some expensive HVAC repair service.

At Frank Lamparelli, we proudly provide comprehensive HVAC service in Franklin and throughout Massachusetts’ South Shore.

How often should you arrange HVAC maintenance?

If you want to ensure the best efficiency and longest lifespan for your heating system and air conditioning, it’s a good idea to arrange an annual tune-up. A licensed HVAC technician will be able to clean, inspect, test and calibrate your equipment. They can find and fix small issues that, left unattended, could lead to a breakdown in the future.

A tune-up doesn’t cost much, but it can pay dividends in reduced energy spending throughout the year. And it’s more affordable than a pricy repair visit or a new furnace, boiler or A/C system.

When should you arrange HVAC service?

Generally, it’s best to service equipment when you aren’t using it. So, the fall and winter are good times for an A/C tune-up, and the spring and summer are best for heating maintenance. We appreciate when you set up appointments in the milder seasons (fall and spring) because our technicians are less busy then. In summer and winter, we’re often doing lots of emergency HVAC repairs.

However, if you haven’t had your heating equipment serviced in a while, don’t wait until spring or summer for a tune-up. Contact us now, and we’ll find a time to look at your boiler or furnace.

How else can you keep your HVAC system running well?

In addition to arranging annual service for your HVAC equipment, there are several things you can do that will keep your heating and cooling systems on track.

  1. Check your air filters regularly. A dirty air filter can seriously impair your airflow and increase wear on your furnace and central A/C. It’s also bad for your indoor air quality. Check your filters once a month during peak heating and cooling seasons. Clean or change them if they are dirty.
  2. Check your outdoor HVAC equipment. Left unattended, your outdoor condenser and other HVAC equipment can become clogged with debris, grass and other plant life. Step outside occasionally and clear away at least two feet of space around your units.
  3. Protect your equipment with a Premium Heat Protection Plan. Repair costs can add up and severely impact your budget. Our protection coverage ensures you get routine heating maintenance and repairs for less.

The Frank Lamparelli team is always available to perform HVAC service when you need it. Contact us today.