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4 Misconceptions about Diesel Fuel

Diesel is cleaner and more efficient than you may have heard.

diesel fuel Taunton, ma Businesses and building projects in Canton, Stoughton, Easton and the entire South Shore corridor understand how vital diesel fuel is. Whether you use it to fuel a vehicle fleet, power backup generators or get your construction equipment humming, your operations would grind to a halt without adequate diesel.

At Frank Lamparelli, we’ve been delivering premium on-road and off-road diesel to businesses for many decades. We’ve heard a lot of inaccurate information about this fuel and want to set the record straight.

Myth 1 — Diesel is dirty.

The Environmental Protection Agency has tightened emissions requirements; producers of diesel (and diesel engines) have met these requirements and vastly reduced emissions in the process. Diesel engines now have Diesel Particulate Filters, which remove 95% of the mass of smoke from them.

Additionally, all diesel fuel sold in the U.S. is ultra-low-sulfur. Today’s diesel contains a maximum of 15 parts per million (ppm) of sulfur. That’s down from up to 3,000 ppm in the past.

Myth 2 — Diesel engines have trouble starting in cold weather.

You might have heard that diesel can thicken or gel in freezing conditions, preventing diesel engines from starting in the winter. It’s true that some hydrocarbons in diesel fuel can gel when temperatures are below 40 degrees.

But today’s diesel contains additives that slow the gelling process, and many diesel vehicles now have glow plugs, which help warm up the fuel so it can vaporize.

Myth 3 — Diesel vehicles don’t perform efficiently.

There’s a reason that diesel is one of the most popular transportation fuels on the planet. Diesel engines are more fuel-efficient, with more low-end torque, than gasoline engines of comparable size. The reason is that diesel fuel contains roughly 10% to 15% more energy than gasoline.

What does this mean for your vehicle? A diesel vehicle can travel roughly 20% to 35% farther on a gallon of fuel compared to a comparable gas vehicle — and that’s before you account for the high-performance additives that today’s premium diesel products contain.*

Myth 4 — All diesel comes from crude oil.

While most diesel fuel is a distillate of crude oil, an increasing amount comes from organic and recycled feedstocks like used cooking oil, plant seed oil and other biomass. Bio-refineries in the U.S. currently have an annual production capacity of 2.3 billion gallons. Biodiesel presents a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional diesel fuel. The overall carbon impact is much lower.

It’s also worth noting that this green biodiesel is also part of Bioheat® fuel, the clean, efficient heating oil product that Frank Lamparelli delivers to Massachusetts homes.

Frank Lamparelli has your diesel needs covered.

There’s no need to line up every morning at a pump to get your on-road or off-road diesel. Let the pros at Frank Lamparelli deliver fuel right to your place of business. We can develop a diesel fuel plan that fits your specific needs. Plus, we offer wireless tank monitoring, so you’ll always know how much diesel is in your storage tank!

Get in touch with our fuel team today to order diesel.