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Why A Spring Heating Tune-Up is a Great Idea!

Don’t Skip Your Routine Maintenance!

spring hvac tune-up franklin, ma It’s safe to say that even through a mild winter season, your furnace or boiler still get quite the workout—especially with sub-zero temperatures in early February. No doubt, your heating system had to work overtime to keep your home and family safe during that arctic weather!

Now that we’re at the end of the season, it might be tempting just to turn off your heating system and prepare for spring’s arrival. But this is actually the best possible time for you to arrange a heating tune-up! After all, it’s crucial to have your boiler or furnace serviced once a year.

Here’s why Frank Lamparelli recommends that you schedule maintenance right now:

Tune Up Your HVAC Equipment Before You Forget

Have you ever opened a kitchen drawer and been surprised to see a meat tenderizer or garlic press you don’t remember buying? It’s human nature to forget about something as soon as you stop needing it.

The same is true of your heating system. If you power it down for the warmer months, you’ll likely forget that it needs annual service until late in the fall. Then, you’ll find yourself scrambling secure a tune-up as the temperatures outside drop.

It’s better to get that tune-up on the books now while it’s still front of mind.

Enjoy a Wider Selection of Appointment Availability

If you wait until November or December to tune up your heating system, you might have to wait for an appointment or settle for one at a more inconvenient time. During the heart of the season is when our technicians will already be on the road answering repair calls, and most of our tune-up slots will be filled.

Right now, we have more open times, so you can better have a chance at a time that works best for you.

Enjoy Consistent Energy Savings

The most significant advantage of scheduling end-of-season maintenance is that you’ll effectively lock in energy savings for the year to come.

The U.S. Department of Energy has found that proper heating system maintenance and upgrades, combined with insulation and thermostat settings, can lower your energy bills by 30 percent!

Additionally, a heating tune-up allows our technician to identify and fix small problems that can balloon into pricy, disruptive repairs. This also extends your system’s life expectancy.

Don’t Worry — Your Heating System Tune-Up Won’t “Wear Off”

Some customers are wary of having a late winter or spring heating tune-up because they’re worried the cleaning, calibration and testing we do won’t last until it’s time to turn on the equipment again. You don’t need to fret. A tune-up doesn’t “wear off” while your boiler or furnace sits idle. It will be ready to go as soon as the cold weather returns.

You can count on Frank Lamparelli’s skilled technicians to keep your heating equipment operating efficiently for years. We even offer Premium Heat Protection Plans for oil- and gas-fired systems that provide total peace of mind!

Schedule your heating tune-up this month. Our team is here for you whenever you need us.