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It’s Not Too Late! Enroll in a Monthly Payment Plan

Lower Your Winter Bills & Make Fuel Payments Predictable

fuel payment options massachusettsWe don’t need to tell you that these are tough economic times. Inflation is at its highest rate in 40 years. We’re still contending with pandemic-related supply chain shortages, and global conflicts have sent all energy prices into record territory.

Sadly, heating oil and propane prices have not been immune to these spikes. We know how painful this is for you, and we hope as much as you do those prices will drop soon.

But right now, Frank Lamparelli is looking for ways to make these volatile times a little easier for you. One thing we’ve found that helps is enrolling in our monthly payment plan….and there’s still time to for you to take advantage of it!

How Does the Monthly Payment Plan Work?

When you enroll in a monthly payment plan, you don’t pay for your fuel at time of delivery. Instead, we calculate how much fuel you will likely use over the year based on projected prices and a 30-year average weather estimate. Then, we spread out your costs into equal monthly installments.

Our payment plans generally run July through June, but we want to be flexible to allow as many customers as possible to take part. Spreading out your payments with our monthly payment plan always made sense. With prices so high, we feel that it’s essential.

Shield from Huge Seasonal Bills!

When heating oil or propane customers pay for fuel on delivery, they get hit with several large bills in the fall and winter. These big expenses always seem to fall at the worst times, like during the holiday season and when income tax filing is due.

That’s why a monthly payment plan is so helpful. It takes the uncertainty out of monthly energy payments. And when you divide your costs evenly, your winter expenses are cut in half. Even if you get two deliveries in one month, you’ll still only make one payment.

If prices drop and stay lower, we’ll happily adjust your plan accordingly. In the end, you only pay the cost of the fuel you receive at the market price on the days it’s delivered—not a cent more.

We hope you’ll consider enrolling in a monthly payment plan. Pretty much everyone who participates likes it much better than paying in full for each delivery, especially with fuel prices currently being so high. Our team is always available to answer your questions and discuss ways to make your home more energy-efficient. Contact us to enroll today or simply click the link here to submit your enrollment request in less than two minutes!