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Winter Season Fuel Delivery Reminders

By Helping Us… We Can Better Help You!

fuel delivery massachusettsWith the holidays now passed, the heart of the winter season is settling in here across Eastern Massachusetts. If you’ve been a longtime resident here, you know that means a passing winter storm is pretty much inevitable!

And whether it’s a few inches, an ice storm, or a major nor’easter, there are some things you need to do to ensure your winter’s supply of propane and heating oil is uninterrupted.

Make Sure We Can Get to You

We realize that shoveling your driveway and pathways after a winter storm is not enjoyable. However, if our heating oil and delivery trucks can’t get down your driveway or access your heating oil or propane tank safely, we won’t be able to make a delivery.

Our trucks will be able to fit into your driveway if it is cleared wide enough for our vehicles to enter. Make sure your driveway is clear of snow to a width of at least 10 feet.

A minimum of one-foot-wide approach—or pathway—from the driveway to your heating oil or propane tank is also required. You should use a pole topped with a bright-colored flag or a large ribbon to indicate your tank’s specific position. The pole must be tall enough to be seen above heavy, piled, or drifted snow.

If you’re going to be taking a vacation this winter, plan arrangements for snow and ice removal while you are gone.

Take Care of Your Propane Tank

After each snowfall, use a broom to clear away snow from on top or around your propane tank. Don’t use a metal shovel or plow near the tank because they can harm the tank or its components. Many folks don’t realize that it is hazardous to leave your tank covered in the snow. The weight of heavy snow may damage fittings and joints, causing them to fail and the entire tank to shift. This can cause propane leaks. The snow can also prevent leaking gas from escaping, which can create a dangerous gas buildup. Additionally, because propane is a liquid, it compresses in the cold weather and that can reduce the pressure inside your tank to a point that it may not be able to reach the gas burners in your home. A blanket of snow on your tank prevents the sunlight from reaching your tank and warming the propane inside to keep it at a safe, normal pressure level.

Keep Us Informed

Are you an Automatic Delivery customer and planning to be away for more than a few weeks? Let us know, as we base your delivery schedule on your prior fuel usage. Letting us know can prevent an unnecessary delivery to your home.

Enjoy the most reliable heating oil and propane delivery on the South Shore by becoming a Frank Lamparelli customer today!