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Exploring Our Commercial Fuel Services

Learn What We Can Do for Your Local South Shore, Massachusetts Business!

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The South Shore region has a diverse array of businesses, many of which require a particular sort of commercial fuel service.
Frank Lamparelli is the go-to for a number of these businesses, as we have an outstanding reputation and decades of experience providing responsive, customized services to businesses across the area!

Amongst other fuels, we provide reliable, safe delivery of propane and Bioheat®—but that’s only the beginning of our commercial fuel services.

Diesel and Gasoline Products, Too!

Businesses such as waste hauling, construction, courier and delivery services, tradespeople, and more, rely on commercial fuel services to keep operations flowing smoothly.

That’s why we provide comprehensive diesel and gasoline services. We only deliver quality gasoline and diesel fuels, and our prices are competitive and transparent. We offer our customized services including on-site fuel storage at your business or job site, with skids tanks available for lease or purchase.

We also make one of the most time-consuming part of managing fleet fueling— tracking fuel usage—easier with our wireless tank monitors! You’ll benefit from knowing precisely how much fuel is being used at any given time, making management of your fuel costs easier while reducing both overhead cost and labor.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Diesel exhaust fluid—commonly known as DEF—is a liquid used to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from diesel engines that use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to remove virtually all the nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions from a diesel engine. Nitrous oxide is one of the greenhouse gasses that contributes to climate change, and there have been some studies linking exposure to diesel exhaust with respiratory and cardiac health problems.

The emission standards that have created the need for diesel trucks and equipment to use DEF can help prevent thousands of premature deaths and hospitalizations, as well as more than 1 million workdays lost due to illness. These benefits can save American businesses more than $70 billion by 2030!

DEF also gives vehicle engines more power while reducing maintenance and repair costs. Thanks to DEF, your vehicles’ life expectancy is longer, and your fuel expenses are cut by about 5%.

Frank Lamparelli provides delivery of DEF in 55-gallon drums or 300-gallon tanks and can also provide on-site filling directly into DEF vehicles, so you’ll always have enough DEF on-hand.

Propane Autogas Services

With the urgent news about climate change, making a change in how we fuel our vehicles can create a positive impact.

Propane autogas is great for reducing your business’s carbon footprint because autogas vehicles produce dramatically fewer greenhouse gas emissions. They create 20% less carbon monoxide, 20% less nitrogen oxides, and 10% less carbon dioxide vs. traditional gasoline.

We’ll help convert your fleet to Autogas, as well as set up an autogas filling station right at your business. What’s even better? It’s extremely user-friendly, operating almost exactly like a gasoline or diesel filling station.

Using autogas helps you save money in a few other ways, too. Propane is typically less expensive per gallon than gasoline or diesel. With an on-site autogas filling station, your employees aren’t losing time looking for a gas station. You don’t have to deal with receipts and reimbursements, making fuel management more efficient. And fuel theft is virtually eliminated.

You may also qualify for incentives and tax breaks by converting to autogas!

Get reliable commercial fuel services from Frank Lamparelli. Contact us to get started!