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Get a Propane Cylinder Refill for Your Labor Day Fun!

Don’t Be Left Without Propane—visit Our Exchange Location!

fall grill refill massachusettsWhile some people think Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, we all know we’ll stay outside and enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures as long as we can here on the South Shore—no matter how many pumpkin spice products hit the store shelves nearby.

We also know that part of that late summertime enjoyment comes from spending time with family and friends in your back yard for classic Labor Day cookout.

Frank Lamparelli makes hosting your cookout easy with our fast, easy 24-hour propane cylinder exchange kiosk, located at our offices at 1026 Turnpike Street in Canton, MA. You can also come to our offices during regular business hours to get your propane cylinders safely refilled!

Grilling—Made Better with Propane!

When it comes to grilling for a crowd—like a Labor Day cookout—propane proves to be far superior to that of charcoal.

Why’s that, you ask? For one, there’s less work when you use propane. For example, when grilling with charcoal, you must build and light the fire—then, wait for it to be steadily roaring which can be a half hour process in some instances. With propane, simply turn on your supply valve and turn on the grill. In less than five minutes, you’re ready to go! You’ll be serving up burgers, hot dogs, kebabs, whatever you’re grilling, much faster than you ever would with charcoal.

What’s better is that when you’ve finished using your propane grill, all you must do is turn off the burner and close the supply valve. Done and done! With charcoal, you’re left to clean up the mess of ashes left behind.

Grilling with propane is a great way to prepare your food. You’ll be able to have wonderful-smelling BBQ without any of the noxious smells associated with charcoal grilling or secondary taste of lighter fluid.

Remember Best Safety Practices When Grilling

Don’t let summer close on a bad note with a silly mistake in operating your grill or grill cylinder. Follow these propane safety tips when handling propane or while using your grill:

  • When cooking outdoors, make sure to keep a working fire extinguisher within arm’s reach in case of a grease flare up or small fire
  • Place the grill on a sturdy, level surface to prevent any tipping hazards
  • NEVER smoke around propane cylinders
  • Ensure that the grill is at least five feet away from anything else—like trees, the house, patio furniture, or bushes
  • Don’t place a spare propane cylinder near the grill
  • Keep children and pets away from the grill—especially when in use
  • NEVER leave a lit grill unattended
  • If a grill’s starter is broken, it cannot be used. Consider buying a grill that has an automatic starter
  • Propane grills should NEVER be used inside or in an enclosed space like a garage or carport because it can lead to an unsafe buildup of carbon monoxide
  • To prevent leaks, make sure to always transport and store your propane cylinders upright

Have questions about our propane cylinder exchange and refill services? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help!