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How Does the Monthly Budget Plan Work?

Enroll Now—There’s Still Time To Control Your Winter Fuel Costs!

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It’s been an incredibly nice summer here on the South Shore. And trust us—we understand that you want to enjoy this time and weather and not think about winter to come. But take a few minutes now, and you’ll really be happy that you did!

Enrollment for our Monthly Payment Plan is taking place now, and it’s a great way to take control of your heating oil and/or propane costs for the coming winter.

What Is the Monthly Payment Plan?

With the Frank Lamparelli Monthly Payment Plan, you can break your fuel payments into affordable, monthly installments through winter and into next Summer.

Why is this a good thing? To find out, look up your heating oil and/or propane statements for the past year. (P.S. With an online Frank Lamparelli account it’s easy!)

If you’re like most people, your fuel bills vary over the course of the year. They tend to be highest during winter due to heating oil or propane usage for home heating.

But with our Monthly Payment Plan, you don’t need to worry about your fuel bill fluctuating on a monthly basis. You will know exactly how much you’ll pay every month. You’ll be able to plan your household budget with ease and with no worries. You won’t get hit with big bills right around the holidays. Finally, enrollment in the Monthly Payment Plan is FREE!

You don’t only get the convenience that comes with our monthly payment plan, but you also get peace of mind that we’ll provide safe, dependable heating oil and propane deliveries all season long, with zero hassles.

Autopay: No Work, No Worries!

Additionally, you can choose to enroll in Auto Pay—our billing process that makes paying bills incredibly easy. You never have to worry about a late payment because it will be automatically taken care of from your bank account or credit card.

ADDED BONUS: When you enroll in both Auto Pay and the Monthly Budget Plan, you get a $25 credit on your account!

Ready to take control of your propane and/or heating oil costs? Contact us today to learn more about and enroll in the Monthly Budget Plan!