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Propane Autogas Services for Commercial Bus Fleets

Discover Why Autogas Is a Great Move for Local School Districts—and More!

school bus gas service massachusettsAs much as the kids may not want to hear it, back-to-school time isn’t that far off.

If your school district is looking for ways to save money without sacrificing services and opportunities for students, Frank Lamparelli offers a terrific option with our propane autogas services for your Greater Boston-area school buses fleet!

That’s right—Frank Lamparelli will come right to your depot and fill your buses on-site with clean burning autogas! What’s better? We can even set up a permanent autogas filling station at your bus depot, too! It’s as easy to use as a gasoline or diesel pump. And once you’re set up, we provide continue to provide reliable, safe delivery of autogas so your buses will always have the fuel they need.

What Are the Benefits of Autogas vs. Traditional Fuels?

Converting your school bus fleet to autogas will help you save money both now and in the future:

  • Among alternative fuels, converting your school buses to run on autogas is considerably less expensive than investing in electric counterparts.
  • In addition to the higher cost of investment—or even gas to electric conversion— electric recharging stations are up to 10 times as expensive to establish than that of autogas stations.
  • Diesel typically costs up to 50% more than autogas. This means you’ll be saving money on fuel costs right from the moment you switch to autogas.
  • Propane inherently burns much cleaner than diesel—and can reduce bus engine wear. Such reduced wear on engines reduces repairs and maintenance, increasing bus longevity.
  • Propane autogas delivers equivalent power in even the heaviest applications while providing superior performance. Autogas gives you the longest driving range of any alternative fuel available today!

When the temperatures drop here on the South Shore, both diesel and gasoline are at risk of gelling.
What’s gelling? Fuel gelling is when cold temperatures make diesel and gasoline thicker and more viscous. When gelling happens, it becomes difficult or even impossible for the fuels to be pumped or filtered through the vehicle’s engine. Your fuel costs go up because of all the idling the buses need to do to warm up. Gelling not only is a hassle, but it also increases your maintenance and repair costs.

When your school buses run on Autogas—which does not gel as it is a gas and not a liquid—they will start even amidst the harshest winter weather!

How Does Autogas Help the Environment?

Autogas can be used as a cleaner environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline or diesel. Autogas produces 20% less carbon monoxide, 40% fewer nitrogen oxides, and 10% less carbon dioxide than that of diesel or unleaded gasoline. Using autogas will help reduce air pollution in your surrounding community.

If there is a gasoline or diesel spill, there is risk of additional environmental damage as it can get into the ground—and eventually the groundwater. But autogas leaks create no environmental damage because autogas simply dissipates into the air with no harm to soil, water, plants, or animal life.

Ready to learn more about what autogas can do for your school bus fleet? Contact Frank Lampaerlli today to get started.

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