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Handling Propane Tanks Safely This Summer

Be Safe—and Be Aware—When Using Propane This Summer!

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Whether it’s grilling up some nice, juicy steaks for dinner or relaxing in a propane-heated pool at your South Shore home, propane makes so much of your summer—better!

So, no matter how you’re utilizing propane gas, it’s important to know how to safely use it. Below are some safety tips and information to help you enjoy your summer—smartly—with the convenience propane has to offer.

Safety Tips With Propane Cylinders

Propane cylinders are key for powering your propane grill, outdoor fireplace, firepit or many other outdoor luxuries! Here are some tips for safely transporting, storing, and using them:

  • When taking your propane cylinder to a retailer for exchange or refill, don’t leave it—whether full or empty—in the car for an extended period. Always be sure to take it out of the vehicle when you’re at your place of destination.
  • If possible, come straight to the Frank Lamparelli propane cylinder exchange or refill site, located at 1026 Turnpike Street in Canton, and go straight home. If that isn’t possible, try to make it your final stop before heading home.
  • To transport your propane cylinder, always keep it upright whether empty or full. Propane can leak when the cylinder is laid on its side.
  • Propane cylinders should always be stored outdoors and away from direct sunlight to avoid excessive heat and pressurization.
  • Keep your propane cylinder off bare ground and place it on a wood or plastic pallet. Wet ground can cause the cylinder to rust at an accelerated pace.
  • NEVER smoke or work with open flames near propane cylinders or when you’re handling them.

Grilling Safety Best Practices

Propane BBQ grills are easy and a lot of fun to use, but you need to know how to use them properly and safely. Here are some things you should do—and not do—while using your propane BBQ grill at your next cookout.

  • Never use a propane BBQ grill inside or in an enclosed or covered area, such as a garage or carport. Dangerous levels of carbon monoxide can build up in these circumstances which may be hard to detect as it has no color or odor.
  • Don’t use a grill if the starter mechanism is broken. Look into purchasing a new gas grill with an automatic start.
  • One in five grill fires is caused by leftover grease. Empty the grease trap after each use and clean your entire propane grill—not just the grates—regularly.
  • When you are grilling, make sure an accessible fire extinguisher is nearby for any emergency situations.
  • When setting up a grill, make sure it is on level ground to reduce the chance of tipping or imbalance.
  • Place your grill at least five feet away from the house, furniture, trees, and bushes.
  • Children and pets should be always kept away from the grill.
  • Never leave a lit grill unattended. Make sure you have all the necessary items before starting the grill to minimize any unnecessary time away from the appliance.

Have questions about propane safety? Please get in touch with us. We’re happy to help in any way we can!