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The Sustainable Future of Heating Oil

Frank Lamparelli Is Leading the Way With Bioheat® Fuel!

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We’ve said it many a time—and we’re proud to say it again! The heating oil Frank Lamparelli delivers to South Shore homes and businesses is not the same heating oil we were delivering a generation or two ago.

Today’s heating oil is cleaner burning and more environmentally friendly than any heating oil of years past thanks to technological and scientific advances across the industry. Frank Lamparelli is an area leader in moving heating oil further towards sustainability by delivering Bioheat®, a blend of biodiesels and ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO).

The biodiesels come from natural resources, including plant oils such as soybean and rapeseed, animal fats, recycled commercial cooking grease, and algae.

The changes in heating oil, led by the creation of Bioheat and ULSHO, have made heating oil a much more sustainable fuel source. The heating oil industry has an overarching goal to make heating oil completely carbon neutral by 2050, so expect even more improvements!

The Distinct Advantages of Bioheat

Our Bioheat is made up of 20% biodiesels, which makes it even more cleaner burning than natural gas!

That clean-burning means that Frank Lamparelli’s Bioheat emits nearly 80% less sulfur dioxide, 20% less carbon dioxide, and up to 30% less nitrogen dioxide than No. 2 heating oil of just a generation ago!

If Bioheat use becomes widespread by 2030, it could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.5 million tons–equivalent to taking 320,000 cars off the road!

What is ULSHO?

ULSHO meets the low-sulfur standards by reducing sulfur content to 15 parts per million—99% less than before.

Compared to other heating oils, Bioheat – which emits 70% less greenhouse gases by eliminating the sulfur content – is better for the environment before being blended with biodiesel.

ULSHO not only burns cleaner, but it also helps reduce harmful sulfur buildup in your home’s heating system. This can help with preventing an equipment failure and extend the life of your furnace or boiler.

Become a Frank Lamparelli customer and enjoy the benefits of cleaner burning Bioheat for years to come!

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