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Auto Pay—It’s the Easy Way!

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heating payment options massachusettsWhy do so many Frank Lamparelli customers love our Auto Pay program?

Because once you enroll, your work is done! Your monthly—or automatic delivery—fuel or service payments are automatically billed straight through to your credit card on file.

You’ll never have to think about whether your payment will arrive on-time again! No more waiting for statements. No more mailing out checks or hunting for stamps.

Additionally, if your credit card has a points-based rewards system, using it for Auto Pay is an even better deal! You’ll get points on your credit card each month, allowing you to earn those travel or cashback rewards even quicker!

Paying your Frank Lamparelli bill is made even easier when you also enroll in Paperless Billing! Ditch those mailed monthly statements entirely by having all invoices and statements sent straight to your email. You’ll always be able to find and organize exactly what you need rather than having to root through a pile of mail. You reduce paper clutter and save some trees too!

You get more than ease and convenience when you enroll in both Auto Pay and Paperless Billing—we’ll also give you a $25 account credit!*

Payment Plans To Make Life Easier

Auto Pay isn’t the only way we make managing your heating oil and propane costs easier.

Our Budget Plan gives you more stability and security in your household spending.

Your fuel costs tend to fluctuate during the year with the highest costs coming right now during the winter when you’re heating your home on a consistent basis. That payment roller coaster makes it hard to plan your monthly household budget.

With our Budget Plan, your monthly payment is no longer a guessing game! When you enroll, we calculate your prior fuel usage alongside the current weather conditions for the South Shore region to accurately predict how much fuel you’ll be using for the coming year. The cost for that fuel is then spread out equally over 12 monthly payments. In June, we balance your account. If you used more fuel than predicted, the cost is added to your June statement. If you used less fuel, we apply the difference to the next budget program year.

Contact Frank Lamparelli to or use our online form here to enroll in Auto Pay today! Have additional questions about Auto Pay or our payment programs? We’ll be happy to help. Just give us a call today!