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Winter Storm Preparedness Tips

Be Ready For Whatever Winter Weather Comes Our Way!

Winter has arrived here on the South Shore—and the most recent winter storm certainly showed is that! Was your home ready?

Whether you were ahead of the curve or are still digging out, we have some tips that will help you no matter what wicked weather continues to come our way!

Before The Storm

Be aware of propane leaks. You’ll know it by the rotten-egg smell of propane gas. Small propane leaks can be made worse, and more dangerous, in storms. If you use propane in your home, you and your family should brush up on propane safety—visit our website to learn about all these tips and more.

Clear areas around vents. If vents are blocked by snow, ice, or remaining fallen leaves, your heating system won’t work effectively. It also increases the risk of carbon monoxide buildup in your home.

Remove any obstructions and clear a wide space around them so any snowfall or ice buildup from the storm will be easier to clear afterwards.

Test your carbon monoxide detectors. Winter is the most dangerous time when it comes to carbon monoxide poisoning. Test the CO detectors according to manufacturer’s recommendations and change batteries if needed.

Prepare your family. All the adults in your home must know how to shut off the gas main at your propane tank. This must be done if you need to evacuate your home. Shutting off the gas main prevents damaged tanks from creating dangerous leaks that could ignite.

Charge your devices. Make sure your phones, laptops, and tablets are fully charged. If you have portable chargers, charge those as well. In the event of a no-heat emergency, you’ll be able to contact us for emergency service.

After The Storm

Clear paths. Make sure your driveway is cleared wide enough for our delivery or service trucks to get down it. Clear a path so we can access your heating oil or propane tank. Mark its location with a pole topped with a bright-colored flag or wide ribbon that will be visible over snowbanks and drifts.

Do a self-inspection. Clean any obstructions from flues and vents. Stay aware of your surroundings and check for downed trees, branches, and power lines that may obstruct your equipment.

Check your propane and gas appliances. Look them over closely and thoroughly for any damage or malfunctions. Also, do NOT use candles when checking your propane or gas equipment. A lit candle could ignite propane or natural gas in the event of a leak.

Act right away if there is a problem. Contact Frank Lamparelli IMMEDIATELY you suspect that your propane tank or propane gas line is damaged. Our technicians will carefully inspect and test your propane and equipment to ensure that everything is working safely and properly.

And if you suspect carbon monoxide buildup in your home, or if your CO detectors go off, get everyone (including the pets) out of the house and call 911 and Frank Lamparelli as soon as you’re out.

Trust Frank Lamparelli to keep your home’s heating system in tip-top shape regardless of what kind of winter we’re in for here in Eastern Massachusetts this year. Contact us today to inquire about equipment upgrades, service or repairs, fuel deliveries—and so much more!