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Breakthroughs In Bioheat Fuels: What To Know

Greener, Cleaner Fuel! A Commitment To The Future.

what is bioheat massachusettsThe heating oil industry has been transformed in the last 10 years, and so has the heating oil you use to keep your South Shore home warm. For instance, if you still think of heating oil as “dirty” and detrimental to the environment, prepare to have your mind rightfully changed.

Breakthroughs over the last decade or so in fuel cleanliness, such as the introduction of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil (ULSHO), and high-efficiency heating system technology have greatly reduced the environmental impact of heating oil while increasing both short- and long-term performance within your home.

The biggest breakthrough has been that of increased usage and availability of Bioheat® fuel. If you get your heating oil from Frank Lamparelli, you get eco-friendly Bioheat. If you aren’t a Frank Lamparelli customer, we’ll show you why switching to a provider like us that relies on Bioheat is right for your home—as well as the planet.

What exactly is Bioheat?

Our Bioheat isn’t just heating oil. It’s today’s ultra-low-sulfur heating oil combined with up to 20% biofuels.

Biofuel is made with renewable resources such as animal fats, recycled restaurant cooking oils, plant oils such as soybean or rapeseed, and algae.

That combination of ULSHO and biofuels creates a cleaner-burning heating oil. How clean burning? Bioheat emits 80% less sulfur dioxide, up to 30% less nitrogen oxide, and 20% less carbon dioxide. These are all greenhouse gases— contributors to climate change. By using Bioheat, you are drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions from heating your home almost immediately, without having to give up one bit of warmth and comfort.

You don’t have to replace, alter, or add to your home’s heating system to use Bioheat. It works like traditional heating oil—but so much better!

Your heating system also benefits from using Bioheat. That cleaner burning means fewer deposits are left in the heating system. That reduces wear on parts, helping it last longer while reducing the need for repairs. Also, your heating system runs more efficiently, potentially saving you money on monthly energy costs.

What is the future of Bioheat?

While the immediate benefits of Bioheat are fantastic comparatively to other fuel sources—this is only just the start of the continuing transformation of heating oil.

The heating oil industry is readily working towards introducing higher biofuel blends into the market, such as B50 Bioheat, which would be made with 50% biofuels, the standard by 2030. It’s part of the efforts the industry is making to reach its goal of being completely carbon neutral by 2050.

At Frank Lamparelli, we make thousands of Bioheat fuel deliveries every year to satisfied customers in Canton, Stoughton, Sharon and throughout the South Shore corridor of Massachusetts. Enjoy the benefits of Bioheat in your home—and feel proud to heat your home with “heating oil!”

Become a Frank Lamparelli customer today and experience the difference.