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Need On-Site Fuel Storage At Your Job Site?

Frank Lamparelli Has The Equipment And Fuels You Need.

on-site fuel storage massachusettsIf your business relies on fleet vehicles and equipment, keeping them fueled is an important job. Frank Lamparelli makes this job easier for you by offering on-site fuel storage. We have worked with all kinds of businesses all over the South Shore to meet their commercial fuel needs with these types of solutions.

Our commercial fuel experts will safely and expertly set up on-site fuel storage at your job site or business, and we’ll provide reliable delivery of diesel fuel, propane Autogas, and diesel exhaust fluid.

There are many advantages to investing in on-site fuel storage. We’ll go over a few here:

Improved Management Of Fuel Consumption And Costs

With an on-site fuel storage tank, you know exactly how much fuel your vehicles and equipment are using. That gives you insights into how much fuel you need, times when your fuel needs increase or decrease, and other information that help you plan your fuel spending more accurately.

Increased Efficiency

The old saying “time is money” has endured over the years because, well—it’s true! With on-site fuel storage, your fueling work and managing of that fueling is done far more efficiently. Your employees don’t have to go to off-site fueling stations. They don’t have to keep and submit receipts. The work of tracking receipts and reimbursement for fueling is virtually eliminated.

The time saved can be used to do work that actually grows your business.

Reduced Fuel Theft

Fuel theft is an unfortunate part of many businesses, as fuel cards and fuel allowances may be abused for personal use. On-site fuel storage and fueling allows you to have control of how your fuel costs are being used.

Reduced Wear

If your employees have to go off-site, or go out of their way, to fuel up vehicles, they’re adding mileage on those vehicles. Even if it’s just a few miles each day, multiply that by each vehicle and each day, you see how those seemingly quick trips for fueling can add wear and tear on your vehicles, increase maintenance costs, and shorten vehicles’ lifespan. Having on-site fuel storage means you can reduce that wear significantly by condensing routes and unnecessary trips.

When it comes to keeping your fleet on the road or on the job, we deliver solutions you can count on. Contact us to learn more about our commercial on-site fuel storage services, pricing, and more!