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All About Paperless Billing And Auto Pay

Two ways to make managing your Frank Lamparelli account even easier!

go paperless massachusettsWe understand that life has been pretty stressful in 2020 to say the least; in light of that, many of us are looking for ways to simplify our lives and make our day-to-day tasks easier to manage and control.

Decluttering our homes is a simple, yet sure-fire way to do exactly that.

Frank Lamparelli can lend an assist to your decluttering goals too via our paperless billing and Auto Pay options for managing your Frank Lamparelli account!

Paperless Billing

If you’re tired of that small mountain of bills, magazines, cards, letters, donation requests from charities, political pamphlets and catalogs, paperless billing with Frank Lamparelli will look shrink that mountain a little bit.

Instead of a paper bill coming into your mailbox to add to that pile on the dining table, your bill comes straight through to you via email. You will always be able to find it, and that makes it easy to pay your bill, too. Simply click the link within your emailed statement to access our online portal. Pay your bill online, 24/7/365 via credit or debit instead of having to mail in a check!

Auto Pay

Auto Pay is work-free and worry-free. Once you enroll, your work is done! Each of your monthly payments are automatically deducted from your credit card.
You never have to worry about forgetting to pay your bill, or if the check will arrive on time. Your bill is paid on time, every time!

There is another bonus to Auto Pay, too: Does your credit card have a points-based rewards program, where you can earn rewards for travel, shopping, or cash back for using your card? By using it to make your Frank Lamparelli payments, you will earn those rewards even faster!

Make your heating season easy as can be this year—get in touch with us today to enroll in paperless billing or AutoPay! Did we mention that budget customers who switch to auto-pay AND paperless statements get a $25 account credit, too?

Fair prices. Around-the-clock service. High-quality, sustainable products. That’s Frank Lamparelli.