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Automatic Delivery Customers: Why We Need To Know Changes To Household

Even modest changes may affect your fuel usage

customer changes of household massachusettsA lot of changes have come into our lives in 2020. Social distancing and masks are now part of our daily routine. We’ve unfortunately missed out on graduations, weddings, vacations, and maybe more.

And that’s just the beginning. If you have kids in college, they may be back home for distance learning. You may be working remotely full-time, or almost full-time. School-age kids may be learning at home. Elderly parents or other relatives may have moved in so you can take care of them safely.

Ensuring The Best Service

If changes like this, whether caused by the COVID-19 pandemic or something else, are happening in your household, you need to let Frank Lamparelli know, especially if you’re an Automatic Delivery customer.

Why? Because just one of those changes can make a big difference in your home’s propane and/or Bioheat heating oil usage in comparison to years past.

We base our delivery schedules not only on current weather conditions, but also on your prior heating oil usage. If your propane and/or heating oil usage increases, we need to factor that into when we schedule a delivery to your home.

For example, when you worked outside your home and the kids went to school during the day, you probably turned down the heat or programmed your thermostat to do so for the hours you’d be away from home. It’s a smart way to use less energy and save money.

But now, you’re home all day and keeping your home warmer all day. That translates to more fuel usage. You are also cooking at home more and if you use a propane range, that increases your propane usage.

If an elderly parent or relative has moved in, that will also cause an increase in your Bioheat usage as older people prefer their spaces to be warmer than most of us prefer.
Do you use propane for water heating? More people in the home, and just being home more, means more hot water is needed. That drives up your propane usage, too.

Contact us today let us know about any changes in your home that affect your propane or Bioheat usage so we can make sure your deliveries are perfectly situated. At Frank Lamparelli, we are 100% committed to bringing you superior products and high-level customer service, with prompt and efficient fuel and propane delivery year-round!