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Labor Day Is Closing In: Do You Have A Spare Cylinder?

Come on by our Canton office to get your Labor Day cookout propane supply!

propane cylinder labor day grillingf you’ve been enjoying the summer sun, you’ve likely also been enjoying lots of homecooked, grilled dinners at home. If you have, then you should check on how much is left in that last cylinder – it might be getting low! Make sure you have a fresh tank ready for one of the biggest grilling holidays of the year. Labor Day Weekend is just around the corner!

Even if you’re not doing as big a cookout as you normally do, you can still celebrate the holiday with your favorite grilled foods, whether it’s burgers and hot dogs, ribs, or kebabs for your closest family members. But, if you don’t have enough propane in your BBQ grill’s propane cylinder, you’ll be finishing the cookout inside on the stove. Don’t let that happen!

While you’re out and about around the South Shore to get your food, drinks, and other supplies for the holiday weekend, stop by Frank Lamparelli’s headquarters at 1026 Turnpike Street in Canton to exchange your empty propane cylinder for a fresh, full tank!

Propane cylinder options

Many people like the convenience of swapping out their empty propane cylinder because an exchange is fast and easy: You’re in and out and on your way in no time. And with Frank Lamparelli, you can do that any time! That’s because our propane cylinder kiosk is open 24/7, 365 days a year. So, if traffic slows you down on your errands, no worries!

Another benefit: Our propane cylinder kiosk is self-service, so you can feel safe knowing you have contactless service from start to finish.

With our propane cylinder kiosk, you can not only exchange an empty cylinder for a full one, you can also purchase additional cylinders, too! So, if you’ve got a lot of grilling coming up, stock up and get a second one so you’ll know you have enough propane to get you through your event and then some.

If you already have propane cylinders and you just want to fill them up, you can do that, as well! Our propane refilling station is available during our regular business hours of Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Contact us with any questions about our propane cylinder exchange and refill services – we’ll get you filled up and on your way!