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Propane or Charcoal? A Buyer’s Guide to Backyard Grilling This Summer

propane or charcoal grill

If you’re enjoying this summer at home here on the South Shore, you’ve likely found yourself outside grilling quite a bit more. And why wouldn’t you? Grilling is just plain fun! Aside from the incredible foods that come alongside that, it’s also a great way to keep your home a tad cooler by not heating up the kitchen by using your range.

And when it comes to your choice of grilling fuel, you can’t be propane for its pure ease, control, versatility, and delicious results.

Frank Lamparelli makes it easy for you to always have the propane your grilling needs. You can get a fresh, full tank at our 24-hour propane cylinder kiosk at our Canton facility, located at 1026 Turnpike Street. Want to refill your propane cylinder? Stop by during regular business hours!

Propane can’t be beat for convenience!

On a busy weeknight, or when you’re hosting a weekend cookout, you have enough work to do. Why add more by grilling with charcoal? With charcoal, you have to bring out the charcoal, build a fire, and consistently tend to it. And when you’re done, you have to wait for it to cool, then clean up the grill and all those messy ashes.

Grilling with propane is so much easier! You just turn on the supply valve, then turn on your grill. Once you’ve finished grilling, you simply give the grates a quick cleaning, turn off the grill, and turn off the supply valve. Done and done.

Take control of your grilling with propane

The dials on your propane grill also give you precise and instantaneous temperature control, which opens up possibilities for all kinds of grilling.

You can make medium-heat dishes like barbecued chicken, and high-heat food like steaks and kebabs with just the turn of the dials. You can even do indirect grilling for dishes like pulled pork. Charcoal doesn’t give you anywhere close that kind of control.

Propane grilling yields great results

Some people think charcoal is the only correct fuel for grilling. Wrong.

Propane has several advantages over charcoal when it comes to how your food turns out. It won’t leave an overwhelming smoky smell or taste, like charcoal can. And charcoal lighter fluid can create a butane flavor and odor on top of that smoke.

Propane lets your food be the star! That’s especially important when you want light, bright flavors for foods like chicken, fish, vegetables, and fruit.

Need a full tank of propane for your grill? We have you covered, whether you want a new cylinder or to refill your current one. Stop by today! Frank Lamparelli has you covered.