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Bioheat® Vs. Natural Gas: What’s The Better Fuel?

Discover the benefits of clean-burning Bioheat!

natural gas vs. bioheat massachusetts

If you’re building a new home here in Eastern Massachusetts or are having to replace your current home’s heating system for any reason, you’ll be faced with a choice as to what fuel to use to heat your home. Around here, the choice is most commonly heating oil or natural gas.

Natural gas is often seen as the “better choice.” But is it really?

You may be surprised that the answer is a resounding “NO!” And that’s especially true when you can get Bioheat® fuel deliveries from Frank Lamparelli.

What exactly is Bioheat?

Over the last few decades, there have been major advances in home heating oil. It’s absolutely not the heating oil your parents’ or grandparents’ time. Today’s heating oil burns cleaner and more efficiently than the old heating oil ever did.

In fact, Bioheat takes heating oil to the next level! Bioheat is a mix of ultra-low sulfur heating oil with biodiesel, a renewable, American-made energy resource made from things like plant oils like soybean and rapeseed, animal fats, recycled restaurant cooking oils, and algae.

But why Bioheat is better than natural gas?

Frank Lamparelli’s Bioheat is made with 20% biodiesels. With that comprised level of biodiesel, it burns cleaner than natural gas! Yes, you read that right. That means the last thing you’ll want to do, especially if you’re concerned about the environment, is convert or commit to natural gas. The methane emissions from natural gas are nearly 82 times more destructive to the environment than carbon dioxide over a 20-year period.

We say it again: With these 20% biodiesel levels, our Bioheat produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas. Using Bioheat is better for the Massachusetts environment we all cherish!

Your home heating system also benefits by your using Bioheat. Because Bioheat burns cleaner, it leaves fewer deposits on heat registers. That means less wear and tear on your home heating equipment. Less wear and tear means fewer breakdowns, fewer repairs, and a longer life for your home heating system. Think of all the money you’ll save in the long run! Speaking of efficiency, a gallon of our Bioheat generates 40% more Btu’s of heat than an equivalent amount of natural gas.

In the end, there’s really no need to sit and debate – the fuel of the future is Bioheat, and it’s what should be fueling your residence for years to come!

Get clean-burning Bioheat for your home by becoming a Frank Lamparelli customer today.

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