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Before Turning On Your A/C This Season: 10 Steps

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Frank Lamparelli makes sure you can beat the heat!

While we have been staying home quite a bit because of the COVID-19 outbreak, spring weather has been getting warmer here in the South Shore area.

Memorial Day weekend is just a few weeks off, and air conditioning weather isn’t far behind. Is your home’s central air conditioning system ready for that? If you’re not sure, we have 10 steps you need to take before you use it.

What Do To Before Starting Up Your Air Conditioner

Inspect your thermostat. Check is the batteries. If you haven’t changed them in more than 6 months, replace them. Test it to see if it turns on when you set it to a new temperature. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, this is a great time to upgrade. You can save more than 10% on your heating and cooling costs by using one correctly.

Inspect any visible ductwork. Look for holes, wear, and tears. Those can be a source of leaks, which cause the A/C system to function inefficiently, costing you a lot of money.

Check the air vents. Go around your home and check the air vents. Make sure furniture, curtains, or other items aren’t blocking them. This is also a good time to dust them.

Change the air filter. The average-sized home, with no pets, should have its air filter changed at least every three months. It should be replaced more often if you have pets, or if people in your home have allergies or health conditions like asthma, COPD, or emphysema.

Inspect the drain line. The drain line is located by the indoor cooling coil. Dirt can build up in the drain line over time, causing it to be clogged. If you see it is clogged, contact Frank Lamparelli for service.

Inspect the outdoor condenser unit. This has been sitting outside all winter. Leaves, sticks and debris have likely been gathering around and on it. Clear all of that off of and away from the condenser unit. Make sure all panels are there and secure.

Carefully check the outdoor wiring. If you see any wear or damage to the wiring, do not turn on the A/C system. Contact Frank Lamparelli for a service call

Inspect the refrigerant lines. Make sure that they are insulated and that the insulation is intact. If you notice any problems, contact Frank Lamparelli for a service call.

Turn it on. Make sure the power is turned on at the A/C unit. Set the thermostat to “cool” and lower the temperature to the desired temperature and turn the thermostat to the “on” setting. Go outside. Listen to see if the fan inside the condenser is working, and that it sounds normal. Feel above the unit to make sure the air being taken out is warm. Let the system run for 15 to 20 minutes, and see how it is working at cooling inside your home.

Check the age of the A/C system. The average life expectancy of a central air conditioning system is 12 to 15 years. If your home’s A/C system is in that age range, or older, it’s time to plan an upgrade to a new, more efficient air conditioning system that can save you up to 40% on your cooling costs. Frank Lamparelli can help you find the right one for your home, and install it too!

Why DIY when you have Frank Lamparelli?

You don’t have to do all of these things yourself, and shouldn’t if you are unsure about what you are doing. The equipment service technicians at Frank Lamparelli are all trained and experienced to expertly take care of your home’s air conditioning system.

When we perform an annual maintenance service on your central air conditioning system, we’ll make sure everything is cleaned and lubricated. Then we assess and test all parts of your system, fixing anything that needs fixing. You’ll have peace of mind that your central air conditioning system is ready to handle summer’s heat waves.

Another advantage of having your air conditioning maintained by Frank Lamparelli is that regular professional maintenance may be required to keep the A/C system’s warranty in effect.

A reminder: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are not performing equipment tune-ups at this time. Check our COVID-19 page for more information and follow us on Facebook for the latest updates as it pertains to our A/C services.

Trust your home’s heating, cooling, and comfort equipment to the professionals at Frank Lamparelli! Contact us today to learn more.