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Bioheat vs. #2 Heating Oil emissions

Good for the planet, good for you!

bioheat versus #2 heating oil emissions south shoreDoing the right thing for the planet doesn’t have to be hard or inconvenient. Sometimes, it’s easy. Like when you use Bioheat from Frank Lamparelli to heat your home.

What makes Bioheat so great for the environment compared with No. 2 heating oil? Reduced airborne and greenhouse gas emissions.

These numbers show the difference Bioheat makes in reducing pollutants produced when heating your home.

  • Sulfur oxides, including sulfur dioxide (SO2): 80 percent reduction vs. No. 2 heating oil
  • Nitrogen oxides, including nitrogen dioxide (NO2): 20 to 30 percent reduction vs. No. 2 heating oil
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2): 20 percent reduction vs. No. 2 heating oil.

Bioheat used for home heating is so environmentally friendly that heating equipment that runs on it isn’t even regulated under the Federal Clean Air Act!

Bioheat is all Frank Lamparelli delivers to our customers. It’s made with a blend of heating oil and biofuels made with renewable resources including plant oils and algae.

There’s no hassle or expense when it comes to using Bioheat. It costs the same as No. 2 heating oil, and you don’t have to replace or change your current oil-fired furnace or boiler to heat your South Shore home with Bioheat.

Using Bioheat is as good for your home and your wallet as it is for the environment.

Bioheat has the highest Btu content of any alternative fuel. More Btus = more heating. You get more bang for your heating buck with Bioheat.

Because of those lower emissions generated by Bioheat, especially when it comes to almost zero particulate matter emissions, Bioheat causes less wear and tear on your home’s heating system. Because of that, your furnace or boiler will need fewer repairs and will last longer, saving you money on both counts!

Eco-friendly Bioheat is only one of the great things that come with getting your heating oil from Frank Lamparelli. We also provide automatic heating oil delivery, so you get peace of mind knowing you won’t run out of heating oil when our winter weather turns wicked. You can also choose our monthly payment plan, which spreads your heating costs over 11 even payments to make managing your heating costs easier and avoid higher bills right around and after the holidays.

Become a Frank Lamparelli customer and enjoy all the benefits of heating your home with Bioheat!