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BioHeat: The Fuel of the Future

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How your heating oil from Frank Lamparelli is better for the environment

The heating oil from Frank Lamparelli that keeps your South Shore home warm and comfortable is vastly different from what our competitors sell, and the old heating oil used in your parents’ and grandparents’ days. You can thank BioHeat for that!

Because of BioHeat, Frank Lamparelli gives you a cleaner, safer and more reliable heating oil that is not only better for the environment, it’s better for your home’s oil heating system and your wallet, too.

What exactly is BioHeat?

BioHeat is made with biodiesels, a fuel source comprised of renewable resources. Some of the resources used to make biodiesels include:

  • Plant oils such as soybean, corn, sunflower and canola
  • Recycled restaurant cooking grease
  • Animal fats
  • Algae

The average biodiesel blend heating oil contains around ~7 percent biodiesel. Frank Lamparelli BioHeat contains 20 percent.

Often, BioHeat is described with a number. For example, Frank Lamparelli BioHeat is called B20. That is because it contains 20 percent biodiesel.

At this level, BioHeat burns substantially cleaner, which means particulate matter in emissions is next to zero. Also, hydrocarbons are reduced by up to 30 percent and carbon monoxide reduced by up to 20 percent. What does all of that mean? It means fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and that this gas is effectively cleaner burning than natural gas.

You don’t have to alter or replace your home’s oil heating system to use BioHeat, either! In fact, our BioHeat is better for your furnace or boiler than traditional heating oil. Because it burns so clean, there’s less wear and tear on your equipment. That means fewer breakdowns, fewer repairs, and prolonged shelf life for your heating system.

The future of BioHeat is bright

This is just the beginning of how BioHeat is changing your heating oil. Our goal is to increase to even higher levels of biodiesel in our BioHeat. This will continue our efforts to make heating oil a carbon-neutral energy source.

Feel good about heating your home with cleaner and greener BioHeat from Frank Lamparelli. Become a customer and make your fuel source more environmentally friendly, today.