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Winter Safety Tips for Your Propane & Bioheat Deliveries

Help us, help you should winter weather appear in Greater Boston

propane and oil delivery during winterThe holiday lights have come down, the Christmas tree is put away or has become mulch, the New Year’s resolutions may already be broken, and now it’s just plain winter here on the South Shore!

Making sure you have the propane you need to keep your home safe, warm and comfortable is the top priority here at Frank Lamparelli. But in order for that to happen, we need your help too! Here are some tips to make sure you keep the peace of mind that comes with propane delivery from Frank Lamparelli.

Sign up for automatic delivery

When it’s cold out, who wants to head outside to check the propane tank gauge levels? Stay inside with that hot cocoa or hot toddy instead and enjoy Frank Lamparelli’s automatic propane or Bioheat fuel delivery. Our state-of-the-art computerized system monitors your history of propane usage along with current weather to schedule a fuel delivery to your home before you ever run low.

Make sure we can deliver your propane or Bioheat

When a nor’easter or snowstorm hits, you’ll be doing a lot of shoveling, snow blowing and spreading sand or de-icer. Make sure while you’re doing that to make your home and propane tank accessible to your Frank Lamparelli delivery driver. If they can’t safely get down your driveway or to your propane tank, they may not be able to deliver your propane. When you clear the driveway, take care to make sure it’s cleared wide enough for our delivery truck. The path to your propane tank also needs to be clear and safe, with the location of the propane tank visible. Mark the location with a pole high enough to be seen above snow drives and topped with a brightly colored flag. Similarly, those same accessibility needs hold true for your Bioheat deliveries, too!

Think safety when it comes to your propane tank

You may think that a blanket of snow on your propane tank protects it from the cold, but the worst thing you can do is leave snow on or around it. Snow blocks sunlight from your propane tank. When propane gets cold, it can reduce the pressure in your tank to the point where it may impact the operation of your propane equipment like your furnace or boiler, as well as appliances like your water heater or range. Snow can also damage fittings and joints, as well as cause the tank to shift on its base. These can all cause propane leaks. If snow is built up around the tank and there’s a leak, the propane gas could be blocked from dissipating into the air, creating a dangerous buildup. The tank and area around it need to be clear of snow. Use a broom instead of a shovel or plow because they can damage the tank and its parts.

Know propane safety

If you smell gas, don’t delay. You and everyone there need to leave IMMEDIATELY. Put out any cigarettes, candles or other sources of ignition. Don’t use phones or electrical switches on your way out. Once everyone is safely away, contact Frank Lamparelli or call 911.

Become a Frank Lamparelli customer and get safe, dependable propane and Bioheat deliveries! And of course, we’re here for all your HVAC and equipment needs as well.

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