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Frank Lamparelli Vs Discounters: Why Choose Us?

We’re a reliable, full-service provider you can count on!

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BioHeat is vital to keep your South Shore home warm, safe and comfortable. You need and deserve, a fuel provider you can trust not just this season, but all year ‘round!

That’s where Frank Lamparelli stands tall above discounters.

Have you heard of discounters? Often, they’re fly-by-night businesses. They dangle cheap prices for their heating oil or “BioHeat” fuel in the hopes of reeling you in. But what do you get as a discounter customer?

What you DO get: A potentially (not promised!) discounted price, and that’s likely all. The heating oil itself? It may be literally the bottom-of-the-barrel and not the quality Bioheat you get from Frank Lamparelli. Our Bioheat is high-quality heating oil containing 20% biofuels made with resources like recycled restaurant cooking grease, algae, and plant oils like sunflower, soy, and grapeseed. Bioheat is also easier on your furnace or boiler because it burns cleaner, meaning you’ll need fewer repairs and may get a longer life expectancy from your heating system.

What you DON’T get: A record of reliability. Discounters may not have a dependable supplier for their heating oil, and may not be able to pay them. For all you know, they could be out of business when you try to call them to set up a delivery! That could leave you out of heating oil in the middle of winter. Frank Lamparelli has been providing heating oil for decades. We have a record of prompt, professional delivery by drivers who show up when we say they will. And we offer automatic heating oil delivery so you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing we won’t let you have a run-out.

And you’re not going to get the full service like you get with Frank Lamparelli. Need an emergency heating oil delivery? We’re here for you with 24/7 emergency service for both heating oil delivery and equipment service if you’re an auto-delivery customer. Need service or repairs on your furnace or boiler, or want to upgrade to a new one? We have trained and experienced service technicians to expertly take care of furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and air conditioning systems. The other guys may not even have a technician on their payroll! Good luck with getting a timely fix from them!

Also – don’t expect payment options with discounters. Most of them are cash-on-delivery, that’s it. As a Frank Lamparelli customer, you can enroll in our FREE budget plan where you spread your fuel costs over 12 even payments, get paperless billing, pay your bill online, and use AutoPay to deduct your payments directly from your credit card – we even have a user-friendly mobile app that you can get right on your smartphone!

Don’t sell yourself short using an unreliable, unproven discount fuel company. Get all the benefits of being a Frank Lamparelli customer year-round. Give us a call today to get started.

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