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Troubleshooting Furnace Air Flow Problems

The professionals at Frank Lamparelli are ready to help!

furnace troubleshooting massachusettsIs your furnace not keeping your South Shore home warm as it should?

If you aren’t getting the heat you should be getting from your furnace, it may be a problem with the air flow in your heating system.

You can do some detective work and troubleshooting to try and figure out the problem. There may be a simple and inexpensive fix!

And if you don’t feel comfortable taking on repair work, don’t worry! Just contact Frank Lamparelli for a service call.

HVAC Care Tips

Check your thermostat: One of the most common issues with thermostats, especially early in the season, is that it is not set properly. Make sure it’s set to “heat” and that the fan is set to “on.” Check the batteries and replace them if needed.

Check the air filter: Have you changed the air filter in your furnace lately? You should be doing it every three months at least, and more often if you have someone with allergies or respiratory problems in your home or if you have pets. A dirty air filter can heavily restrict air flow through your heating system.
Check the blower: If your blower has worn out or has an obstruction of some kind, it’s not going to push the air being heated through the ductwork. If this is the problem, our service technicians can fix or replace it.

Get the ductwork inspected: There are a few problems in the ducts that could be causing air flow problems from your furnace. There may be a tear, which affects the air pressure in your ducts and impede air flow. Part of the ductwork may have disconnected. Ducts may be blocked by insulation or other debris on them.

If you haven’t found the problem after this, give us a call.

Your furnace is a big investment in your home. Take good care of it by trusting the trained and experienced service technicians at Frank Lamparelli with all your repair and maintenance needs.

Contact us if issues with your furnace arrive this season – we’re always here to help!