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Oil Vs. Natural Gas For Home Heating

Help Protect the Environment with Bioheat

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When it comes to whether heating oil or natural gas is right for the environment as well as your Massachusetts home, look no further than Bioheat from Frank Lamparelli.

We are proud to offer you the cleanest fuel available, and are glad to show you why Bioheat is better for the planet as well as your home.

Bioheat is a blended heating oil that is made with renewable resources including plant-based oils like corn oil, soybean oil and sunflower oil, as well as used cooking oils from restaurants, algae and animal fats.

Obtaining the renewable resources that make biofuel for Bioheat is much easier on the environment than natural gas as more and more of our natural gas supply is being extracted through fracking, where water and chemicals are forced down into the earth. Fracking may be having a negative impact on our water supply and may also be tied to earthquakes in areas ranging from Texas to Pennsylvania.

The Bioheat you get from Frank Lamparelli, tomorrow’s fuel today, is a custom blend of up to 20% biofuel. So, when you use Bioheat to heat your home, you are keeping your home warm with almost zero negative environmental impact – with no necessary upgrades needed to your existing equipment. Bioheat significantly reduces the greenhouse gases that produce smog. And, when combusted, Bioheat creates almost no particulate matter.

Over the years, more and more of Bioheat is being made up of biofuels, which is making Bioheat better and better for the environment. Right now, there’s no path for natural gas to be made up of alternatives fuels.

Bioheat from Frank Lamparelli is also an ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO). That ULSHO combined with biofuels helps your Bioheat heating oil burn cleaner.

Find out more about the benefits of Bioheat, and how we can supply your South Shore area home or business with this ultra-clean, green fuel! Contact us today for more information!