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Home Heating Efficiency Tips For The Fall Season

fall heating tips massachusettsFrom apple cider doughnuts and pumpkin spice lattes to the too-early holiday displays in the stores, it’s undeniable. Fall is right around the corner!

That means it’s just about that time when you’ll have to be turning on the heat in your South Shore area home. If you take some steps to help your home heating system be more efficient, you can save on your energy bills this season too! (Which means you can afford even more apple cider doughnuts!)

We have three tips that you can use to get maximum efficiency out of your home’s heating system.

Change the air filter

If you use forced air heat, this is one of the easiest and least expensive ways you can help your furnace run at its best efficiency. Unchecked air filters let dirty airflow into the heating system, where dust and dirt can settle on the furnace parts causing damage, and possibly expensive repairs… not to mention a shorter overall lifespan for your furnace. In general, you should be changing your air filter every one to three months. If you have pets or people with allergies in your home, you’ll have to change it closer to every month.

Make room for heating

Whether you have forced air registers, baseboard heaters or radiators, keep the area around them free so the warm air can circulate. Trapped heated air means your heating system is going to work harder and for longer, using more energy and costing you money. Don’t let draperies, furniture or anything else block them.

Seal up your home

Another inexpensive way to keep the heat in your home and let your heating system be efficient is to get rid of drafts. The base and edges of windows and doors are prime spots for drafts. Letting drafts go unchecked can add up to 15 percent to your energy bill.

The professionals at Frank Lamparelli can help you maximize the efficiency of your home’s heating system this fall! Contact us today to find out more – and schedule an annual tune-up before the colder seasons arrive!