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8 Energy & Money-saving Tips for Your Home this Summer

money saving tips

Make changes now, save money on energy bills all summer long

What are your plans for summer? Maybe you’re spending a week at the beach on the Cape. Or taking camping trips. Or, just enjoying time at home with family and friends. That’s where you want to spend your money, not on higher energy bills!

We’ve put together some tips to help you save energy —and money— this summer season:

Tune-up your air conditioning system

Keeping your air conditioning system in good running order saves money two ways. First, your system will run more efficiently and require less energy to operate. Second, you can avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs that come with ignoring upkeep.

Grill it up

Every time you turn on the stove, it heats up your home and makes your air conditioning system work even harder to keep your home at cool temperature, especially in the mid-summer months! Take meals outside on the grill more often! Everything from breakfast to dinner to desserts can be made on the grill. There are scads of unique grilling recipe ideas to try – add some of them to a summer checklist to work a few new meals into your repertoire, and be sure to visit our self-service kiosk in Canton if you need a new, freshly-filled cylinder!

Use your windows smartly

Sunshine and sunlight are lovely, there’s no mistaking that, but when you’re not home, who can even enjoy it? Your air conditioning system has to work harder to deal with all that heat coming in throughout the day. Closing your blinds, shades or curtains on windows facing direct sunlight can help keep the heat outside where it belongs while you’re at work, or on vacation.

Stop the leaks

Don’t waste your money by leaking your cooled air! Use caulk and weather-stripping around doors and windows to ensure all the cold air stays in your home. If you have older windows, especially single-pane windows, they make it harder to keep your home cool. New, Energy Star-rated windows can save you up to $465 a year in home energy costs.

Be smart with fans

Fast fact: Ceiling fans can help a room feel up to 10 degrees cooler, and use just 10 percent of the energy that your air conditioning system uses. Set your ceiling fans to counterclockwise to circulate cool air around the room – Just don’t forget to turn them off when you leave the house!

Small changes add up

Prevent heat buildup in your home by changing your habits a bit! Take quick showers instead of baths and take them either earlier in the morning or in the evening. Use your bathroom’s ventilation fan every time someone takes a shower. It sucks out heat and humidity. Switch light bulbs from incandescent or fluorescent to LED, which are cooler to the touch and use much less energy. As some folks say, every little bit counts!

Saving you money, saving you energy – it’s what Frank Lamparelli does best! If your equipment tries to take a summer vacation this year, make sure to contact us to request service, or to join the Frank Lamparelli family of customers!