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Four benefits of on-site fleet fueling from Frank Lamparelli

fleet fuelingIf you run a construction or transport company, you probably think a lot about the best strategy for keeping your trucks up and running efficiently. In the past, that may have meant sending out your drivers for refuels at the end of a long hard day, but today’s smart fleet managers are seeing another way to approach fleet fueling.

Increasingly, construction and commercial operations are using professional fleet fueling – including on-site fleet fueling – to more accurately monitor fuel use and assess the performance of their trucks and drivers.

With on-site fleet fueling from Frank Lamparelli, you will:

Save driver time – We deliver your diesel fuel during your downtime, so your drivers will spend more time on the road earning money for you.  

Improve record accuracy – Have your drivers ever forgotten to turn in receipts or miscalculated their miles per gallon? You can eliminate all those losses with on-site fleet fueling. You can also improve your record accuracy with our vehicle fuel records!

Cut fueling cost – On average, it costs about $1.59 per mile to operate a fleet vehicle, according to the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI). If you have ten vehicles and they each have to go three miles out of their way to find a fueling station, that’s $47.70 you’re spending to refuel your fleet every time they need fuel! Onsite delivery can eliminate the miles driven and driver reimbursement costs!

Eliminate on-site storage complications – With on-site fueling directly from our tank trucks, you don’t have to take on any of the risks or liability of on-site fuel storage. That’s one less thing for you to worry about!

We also deliver fuel to your bulk diesel tanks and can customize a delivery schedule to meet the needs of your aboveground or underground tank. P.S. – Ask us about our WiFi Tank Monitors!

For comprehensive fleet fueling services in our Greater Boston service area, trust the pros at Frank Lamparelli. To learn more about on-site fueling, or any of the other commercial fueling services, contact us today.